‘THE DAYS AFTER TOMORROW’ by Gabriel Faniyan

On April 8, 2030, the earth reacted to Climate Change and all over the globe, not up to sixty thousand humans survive the sentence.

As from that moment, earth banned man from its day. People survived in underground facilities. They could only come out at night.

And she had not finished speaking. To survive the gavel that was coming, the survivors would have to vacate earth. There is a home in space, but transport was an issue.

Even after USA, Russia, and other world powers declare their hidden rocket assets, only one thousand seats was guaranteed. They swore not to leave any behind.

They plan to build one bravura rocket that would lift fifty thousand people to Mars. It is impossible.With the time and resources that they had, very impossible. However, when the survival of the human race is at stake, very few things are impossible.

The rocket is built and against odds, against terrible odds, it takes off. It is a display of strong will, determination, courage and hope but, it is a doomed journey. It may have been doomed since that gathering in 2016.

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