‘A.D.D. is an ADVANTAGE’ by Hanno Bekker

Attention Deficit Disorder is not the disorder and disadvantage that it is made out to be. It is about knowing and managing yourself to benefit from your self-knowledge. Do you know your driving force to do things? How can you know what drives you if you don’t explore your options in life? Do you allow others to dictate who you are and what you can do? This is some of the questions that you must be able to answer and that this book will enable you to do. It will do so through showing you how people with Attention Deficit Disorder has Advantages over so called ‘regular’ people. An example of this is that People with Attention Deficit Disorder think in a non-linear fashion when it comes to problem solving. When ‘regular’ people then see this way of thinking they claim that the person with Attention Deficit Disorder “over complicate” things. So they attach negative labels to this person. The key however is that sometimes non-linear solutions are what is required to solve problems. But people need to harness this ability in the best way possible. This book will take real life examples of people that embraced their A.D.D. in order to become successful because of it.

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