‘Confidential Code’ By kaitlyn fanous

Athena a once normal human was experimented on by Phoenix, a scientist eager to get out of his famous mom’s shadow and create a name for himself. Althoug, he created something evil by mixing an unstable human and an evil unknown creature that feeds off of people’s emotions. Athena was not unstable because of an unhappy childhood but rather because since she was nine the scientist have experimented by “implanting” bad memories from other humans. Athena now a teenage girl has to attempt to conquer her inner demons as well as the literal demon inside of her. The demon inside of her allows her to gain special powers such as bending reality into the horrific reality the demon choses and breaking into people’s minds. Yet, she can only access the powers when the demon allows her too. After giving up and becoming completely empty after trying to stop the demon from killing innocent people and continuously failing she falls in love.However, not with a male but with a kind family who took her in even when her family later disowns her revealing she was not kidnapped but illegally sold.After the demon kills her family she is full of rage.This will be the first book in a series I am writing showing villains are simply heroes who were not saved because Villains are not made but rather created.

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