‘Chronicles of The Lost’ By Matilda Divine

Sarah’s life takes a haunting turn when she is poisoned by her deceitful fiancé. From that
moment on, she gains an extraordinary ability to perceive the dark realm, a dimension
inhabited by oracular spirits. Trapped within the confines of her own mind and teetering on
the brink of death, she awakens with a fierce determination for revenge and justice.
Driven by this, she embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the darks sinister intentions.
Along the way, Sarah discovers a group of kindred spirits, her soul sisters, who aided her
within the ethereal realm of shadows. Together, they unravel the mysteries shrouding her
existence, navigating through a labyrinth of secrets and dark forces that threaten their very
souls. The world has forgotten the power of harnessing dimethyltryptamine to unlock areas
of the mind which were long forgotten, by doing so it triggers a glimpse into the unknown
universe and shows the truth behind forces of the dark realms which are overshadowing the
realm of man. Sarah finds herself caught in the crossfire, she must wage a formidable battle
against both her own inner demons and the encroaching darkness that threatens to consume

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