‘Chasing Dreams: An Entrepreneurs Guide to Finance’ By Tom Hampton

So you want to be an entrepreneur, it’s exciting to chase a dream. But at the end of the day, if you going to be an entrepreneur, you got to know: 1) How much money is needed to start a business and 2) Am I making money! We are going to help you understand what financial tools you need to use. I know you’re saying “FINANCE! #%%”…. I have no idea what’s a Profit & Loss (P&L) Statement. Don’t worry we will teach you. We will keep it simple You do not need to be a finance guru… but you do need to know some basics. Too often professionals in finance speak in their language and not in a language the rest of the world understands. We are going to help you translate “Financial Speak” into a language everyone grasps. Let’s get started.

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