‘Casper’s Butcher’ By Benjamin Mailloux

Clyde Holding is an overnight retail worker at Martins in the city of Casper, Massachusetts. One night, Clyde acquires a pair of crochet hooks that allow him to create whatever he wants. Clyde then learns of the Power and is guided by a ghost girl Serena, who only he can see. Clyde uses his powers at work on night, which causes his bosses to be suspicious of him. When Martins is robbed one night, Clyde uses his powers to repel the attackers. Clyde believes himself to be a hero, however, he is blamed for murder by corrupt sheriff Mark Durn, who seeks to take the crochet hooks for himself. Now on the run, Clyde creates a fortress for himself and prepares himself to fight against Mark and his followers. Clyde longs to be innocent, but how can he be when a whole city is against him? Clyde must decide to either fight and cause more destruction or surrender to crimes he didn’t commit.

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