‘Buster Bill: Reality Policeman’ By Christian England

Buster James Bill is an anthro rabbit/spaniel cross who leaves the British Army after a snap general election because he cares about the sharp rise of Political Correctness in a new political party in the UK called Red Rose. Their leader, Ronald Damien Foxx takes up the Prime Minister role, along with his family taking up various roles in the government, all of whom are responsible for twisting Britain for the worst. Buster, after losing his mother to this conspiracy and falsely arrested for her murder, is later released by a man called Dexter Laurence, who employs him at a top-secret activism facility called Forever Fighters, employing him as a secret policeman where he gains the title ‘Reality Policeman’, and must now counterattack the actions of the Metropolitan Police to enforce actual justice instead of Politically Correct Injustice. The main difference, however, is that Buster gains a power from meeting Dex that makes him unusually strong against the law, but can he use it to his advantage?

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