‘Blasphemous Cocktails’ by Steve Wollett

Horror, Alcohol, Gaming, and more. See what mysteries were inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos and creepy things that crawl in the night. A group of friends that I have known since childhood have always gone out drinking with me on Friday nights. We play role playing games and make all kinds of drinks. During a conversation at GenCon Indy 2012 at the Marriott bar, while quite drunk, came the idea of a game book that was really a recipe book of cocktails. Somewhere along the line it became a conversation about Lovecraft and horror/pulp writers and how alcohol and drugs may have affected their stories. I went home and thought about things and it all came together. In the end I created a book of fabulous drinks that would be a great addition to any party. Blasphemous Cocktails has already had a successful kickstarter run and the book that followed was self published and created a cult phenomenon. More than 100 recipes inspired by horror greats like Lovecraft, Barker, King, and more, Drinking games inspired by geek culture, RPG rules for alcohol, and even a few horror inspired garnishes. In the end one very unique book that is perfect for any horror oriented adult event.

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