‘Between the pages’ By Camellia Starr

The captivating novel, “Between the Pages” delve into the world where reality and fantasy get blurred, and love takes an unexpected turn. Aurora, an avid reader finds herself amid the book she was engrossed in with some twists and turns, she never expected to arrive. Little does she knows that the book which previously portrays the character of the main lead turns into the devilish villain.
On her way carrying on the journey in the new world, she finds the new-found peace, she slowly starts to notice things that don’t line up with the story she was reading.
Rather than falling for the prince charming hero, her heart slowly softens toward the villain she hated. Steadily, she unlocked the dark secrets of the hero as time passes by and the sweet softness of the villain beneath his cold armor.
Between the pages opens the door towards an unexpected love story defining the complex nature of human behavior. Whatever goodness shows to the world is not always the truth that lies beneath, and shows the power of choice a person could have.
Will she follow her heart and embrace the path of the unconventional path or walk into the expectations of the original novel?

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