‘A Man Named Harrison Ruger’ By Deanna Cree

Getting stuck in a storm and needing to find shelter Harrison found his way into a doorway of a tiny shack of a home in the emptiness of the prairie. Hearing a gun shot echo from the tiny home he made his way onto the porch and slowly opened the large door into the home. Witnessing a young boy barely 10 holding a revolver still smoking he saw two people covered in blood on the other side of the room. Cautiously making his way to the boy he was able to take the gun from his little hands and give him a sigh of relief from the scene he was looking at. The young boy told Harrison that his father had shot his mother and he was going to hurt him and his brother, the young boy had no choice but to protect his brother, so he shot his father. Harrison wasn’t a very good husband to begin with and now he was going to have to learn to be a good father to two orphaned boys now, this was not in his plans whatsoever when he decided to leave town. Many years later Harrison is gunned down and his boys now grown have moved on and fought in the Civil War and survived only to have one hell bent on finding Harrison’s killer.

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