’10 World Wonders’ by Gene Lipen

Join Arthur as we visit and learn about fun, exciting and magical places our world has to offer! It is not often that we get a chance to step away from our daily lives and enter the exciting world of the unknown. It is our hope that this educational book takes you to places that excite you as much as they do our family. There is never a dull moment when you enter Arthur’s World. Educating kids is our passion and we hope that reading this book will open your mind to the wonderful places that exist on this planet. We are excited to have you travel with Arthur and help kids grow from curious young adventurers, to adults who are full of creative imagination. And when we open our minds to the amazing creativity out there, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. We hope that you join Arthur for a lot more adventures. There is so much exploring to do that we simply can’t fit it all in one book.

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