‘When a 1 day boy exchanged his brain with Newton’ by Yahya Ashraf

I have framed my book’s idea today and you are going to read it. It is actually not the idea which i recieved fron other people. It is my idea. By reading the books name, you understand what is my book about. In this book a 28 year old scientist is there. He is searching that what will happen if i put this animlmal’s brain in him. One day he thinks what if he put Newton’s brain in a 1 day old child. Remember that he was in the time of newton. He starts making plans and gadgets. He do not take permision from newton and Collin’s parents. He changes their brain. Aftar a month, the boy starts walking, talking, giving theories and telling unexpectable answers in which a ginius also fails. 1 chapter is about Collin then 2 of newton then third of collin and on and on. Now lets go to Newton, he cannot speak and it looks like he is a baby. This thing had really changed the world. Then what i do is, i create collin’s newton’s life on my own. Mines the things which are going to happen in their life. So all the newton’s life starts happening in Collins. Mines what will happen in Collins life be in Newtons and Newton’s be in Collins. A great adventure is going to begin. In the second part the scientist replace the gorilla’s brain with a man and on it goes.

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