‘Travel by Gourdlight: Stories from Lumin’ By Alia Luria


Vision: Travel by Gourdlight will be an anthology of stories, poems, personal-essay style prose, and flash fiction set on the wondrous planet Lumin, where plants and trees not only nourish the body with food and oxygen but also kindle the lights, spark the technology, and guide the creativity of all of its inhabitants. From the electrochemical Core that forms the giant planetary Network outward to the smallest tree, humanity has always been able to utilize this vast resource. Since the Great Fall, some of deeper technological secrets have been lost to time. But the Network no longer lies dormant, and factions on Lumin are trying to determine why technology is waking up again and how Artifacts once preserved for their beauty and history are now active and shifting the balance of power in their world. From wearables, to inkables, to traveling technology, the wonders of Lumin extend past the dancing night lights and phosphorescent plant life. The possibilities are endless, and each story adds something to this rich planetary history.

Length of Stories:

The maximum length of your story should be 7,500 words, but shorter pieces may have a better chance of being selected. Flash fiction and poetry submissions will also be considered, so this word count is not a requirement.

Personal Contribution:

Alia Luria, author of the Artifacts of Lumin series, will contribute a prequel story revealing the original history of the planet itself and how it came to be inhabited by humanity. Additionally, she will contribute a scene from Compendium that tracks the moment the Great Fall occurred.

Examples of what I like:

Compendium by Alia Luria Ocularum by Alia Luria


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