‘A Grumpy Old Man Looks Back At It All’ By Dennis DAmato


A retrospective commentary of things I’ve seen or experienced that is irreverent, compassionate and brutally honest. Covers everything from Little League to exploding towers and how in someway it all fits together.

Length of Stories:

I tell stories about my observations and life experiences Stories average about 1000 words, Some maybe twice as much. I don’t count words, I write stories until they are “wrote” At this point the anthology is about 20,000 words. I’m too freakin’ old to think about 100,000 words. But that as they say, is another story entirely.

Personal Contribution:

The story of an “older” Little League player taking his younger handicapped cousin for his tryout to play ball. And how the power of youth, and the love between the two boys proves that nothing is insurmountable.

Examples of what I like:

1, A toll booth attendant talks about his job, comments on people who pass through, and how he can’t wait for his shift to end because he has tickets to the Yankees. 2. It’s New Years Eve and a man stops off at the grocery to buy a prime rib.. the traditional family dinner for New Years Day. He goes to the meat department and encounters Sal, the produce guy who cuts meat some times too. Sal is artfully trimming down some New York sirloins and explains why they are better than prime rib, which he finally explains he is out of. 2. A father is late for work and runs home to get his Nokon camera so he would be able to take pictures of hi son eho was going to meet Derek Jeter the next day. “The Week Before” is the last seven entries of a diary found in the rubble of the 9/11 tragedy. Part of a trilogy from the pint of view of his son ten years later, and his wife who lost them both.


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