Author Spotlight: Introducing Andy Murphy

We are happy to reignite our Author Spotlight blog series by introducing Andy Murphy, an author, independent musician, songwriter, and law school graduate. Originally from England but having lived in Southern California for over 20 years, Andy is the mastermind behind Resistance! and Radicals!.”

His first novel takes readers on a gripping journey through Nazi Germany, where ordinary individuals defy the oppressive regime at significant personal risk, shedding light on the courage and sacrifices of those who dared to resist. In “Radicals!,” Andy explores the tumultuous events surrounding student protests in West Berlin, shedding light on the deadly response of the West Berlin Police and the escalating radicalization of the students. Both books, rich in historical detail and vivid storytelling, offer a compelling glimpse into pivotal historical moments, sure to captivate readers of historical fiction.

SOOP interviewed him to learn more about his writing endeavors:

Can you describe your approach to writing? How did you get started?

A.M.: I write when I can. I was inspired to write after I read about real resistance groups in Nazi Germany. During the pandemic, I finally had time to tell the story I had been thinking about for so long. My second novel is a follow-up to my first and features the daughter of some resistance members as an adult doctoral student in West Berlin. She became involved with the radical student movement of the 1960s in West Berlin.

What inspired you to pursue becoming an author?

A.M.: Reading about resistance groups in Nazi Germany and wanting to tell their story.

What is the most challenging part of writing a story?

A.M.: Finding the time to write!

Who should read your stories?

A.M.: Readers of historical fiction.

What genres do you personally like to read?

A.M.: Horror, thrillers, suspense

What’s your favorite “underrated” novel?

A.M.: Dracula.

Do you have any projects in the works?

A.M.: Yes, I’m currently writing my third novel. It is different from my first two novels, as it is a horror story, although it is set in London in the 1950s.

What do you hope readers take away from your stories?

A.M.: I hope they learn more about Nazi atrocities and how too aggressive policing can increase radicalness. For my third novel, I hope it scares them, but not too much.

Can you share an excerpt of one of your stories? 

A.M.: This is the opening paragraph of my third novel:

The window bars cast eerie moonshadows on the floor of the cell. A church bell struck three. He could not sleep. How could he? Jimmy Ritchie’s eyes saw the shadows of the night; his ears heard the sounds of the night, but his mind was too engrossed on other matters to notice. The moon was full and bright and as it slid slowly and silently across a cloudless sky its beams struck the branches of the ancient trees in the churchyard, casting a shadow in the shape of a Calvary Cross on the wall of Ritchie’s cell. The shadow caught Ritchie’s attention, although it still could not break his train of thought. He knew that soon after the bright moonbeams that invaded his cell were replaced by the radiant light of dawn his mind would think no more; that his neck would be snapped by the noose that hung in the gallows in the execution cell at the end of the corridor.

What’s your advice for aspiring authors?

A.M.: Just write and see what you come up with!

Andy Murphy 

Author, independent musician and songwriter, and a law school graduate. 

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