Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of “Life at 12 College Road” by Eric Mondschein

Something Or Other Publishing is delighted to celebrate a remarkable milestone by one of its core Authors.  As we celebrare the 10th anniversary of Eric Mondschein’s “Life at 12 College Road,” it’s a moment to reflect on this collection of short stories’ profound impact. 

SOOP Author Eric Mondschein Smiles with His Signage

Eric Mondschein on his first book tour event (2013).

“Life at 12 College Road” invites you into a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Mondschein masterfully weaves tales of the 1950s and 60s, reminding us that seemingly small moments shape our lives. Through laughter, tears, and the ebb and flow of emotions, readers embark on a powerful journey where sorrow transforms into joy, and the weight of loss becomes more bearable.

A distinguished figure in law, education, and literature, Dr. Mondschein’s multifaceted career has left an indelible mark. His accolades, including the American Bar Association’s Award of Excellence in Law-Related Education, showcase his commitment to excellence. Serving the US government and an international NGO, he brings a wealth of experience to his storytelling. Beyond “Life at 12 College Road,” Mondschein’s literary contributions extend to various articles, books, and collaborations, including “Sexual Harassment and Bullying; Similar, But Not The Same.” His recent recognition by NABE further underscores the enduring impact of his memoir.

Reading Life at 12 College Road is like leafing through an album of treasured faded photographs of an American family, revealing all its foibles and cherished moments. And, in each intimate memory, we are enveloped in an enduring love.

David Henderson – author, communications strategist, and Emmy Award-winning former CBS Network news correspondent and bureau chief

Immerse yourself in these timeless stories, whether you’re rediscovering the book or embarking on this literary journey for the first time. Celebrate this milestone and enjoy the best price by purchasing your copy at SOOP, as Amazon will increase the price after Thanksgiving. Thank you for supporting Eric’s journey, and please take advantage of this opportunity to own a piece of literary history and order your copy to be part of the celebration.

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Memoir (NABE Summer 2023).


Life at 12 College Road by Eric Mondschein is available on SOOP, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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