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Something Or Other Publishing is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Chasing Dreams: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finance, a guidebook by Tom Hampton that teaches you the essential financial tools to build a sustainable future. 

For the past decade, Tom Hampton has been consulting small businesses and entrepreneurs, bringing his unique blend of knowledge, education, and experience to address the fundamental problems encountered in the entrepreneurial world. From running his own company to working in a corporate environment and traveling between small towns and large cities, it became clear to Tom that the significant gap in the corporate world is not about strategy or operations but financial literacy. As a result, his book is intended to enhance entrepreneurs’ business and economic understanding.

Tom sat down with SOOP to answer ten questions about his enriching journey to become a published author.

  • When did you start writing? 

I began writing in 2018 when it became evident to me that the big gap in today’s business world is not strategy or operations but rather financial literacy. 

  • What inspired you to write Chasing Dreams?

After I retired from corporate America, I re-ignited my entrepreneurial spirit. My wife and I started Stephanie & Tom Hampton Consulting, where I focus on bringing the skills I have learned to small business CEOs. The next step to make this a reality was creating Chasing Dreams: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finance as my contribution to improving the business financial literacy of entrepreneurial America.

Scheduled for Amazon Release on April 15th.

  • What was the most challenging part of writing the book? 

Without a doubt, the process of turning the manuscript into a publishing entity!

  • Who is your target reader?

I want to reach Millennials, particularly the young female audience in that group, along with entrepreneurs of all ages looking to learn essential financial principles regardless of their professional background. 

  • What genres do you personally like to read? 

Business, Finance, & Technical are my favorites. 

  • What’s your favorite under-appreciated book?

I don’t have a particular favorite, as I enjoy reading any financial literacy book in general. However, if I had to pick an under-appreciated novel from a business perspective, that might be “Who Moved my Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. A must-read for the new generation of entrepreneurs as it teaches us to manage unexpected changes and come out better from those situations, but with a fascinating narrative so entertaining that you can quickly finish it in one session and have the benefit of lessons that will improve your life.

  • Do you have any other projects in the works? 

Not at the moment. I’m taking my time to enjoy retirement with my family. But stay tuned because things can always happen! For example, I might explore the idea of doing a version of Chasing Dreams for Children.

  • What do you hope readers take away from your story?

This book is a reference to help quickly build the necessary financial tools to build the foundation of your business and personal finances. It’s designed in a very straightforward format that will surely improve the habits of aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Can you share more insights on the book?

Chasing Dreams provides a short, simplified, step-by-step introduction to building and utilizing the critical financial tools needed by every entrepreneur. To learn more about using these tools to improve your decision-making and increase your probability of success, purchase a copy, dear friends!

  •  What’s your advice for aspiring authors?

Learning how to go from writer to author is an enriching journey, but if you can communicate your message clearly and have effective ways to engage with your target audience, that’s a great advantage! I learned that publishing is not only about writing good stuff that will entertain others but about creating a piece of writing that will leave a legacy in your field or genre. There’s a place for dreamers in the publishing industry, and they can succeed with the proper knowledge, guidance, and, above all, determination to make it happen. That’s my advice, aside from preparing for a lot of work after you write the manuscript! 

Chasing Dreams: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finance is now available on Kindle and Paperback on Amazon and SOOP

Learn more about Tom Hampton on social media: 

Instagram: @Hamptotl

LinkedIn: S&TH Consulting



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