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Something Or Other Publishing is proud to introduce Chana Kohanchi, an avid reader, MFA graduate, and winner of the 1st Prize in the Families & Relationships category of our 1st Annual Short Story Contest.

Chana Kohanchi, creative writer.

Chana Kohanchi lives in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from Roosevelt University with her MFA in Creative Writing, and her hobbies include listening to music, writing, reading, drawing, and hanging out with family & friends. SOOP’s 1st Annual Short Story Contest is Chana’s first participation in a writing competition, and she couldn’t be happier to become a winner!

Her award-winning short story, Pictures on the Wall, is part of SOOP’s forthcoming anthology titled “Winners: A Compilation of Award-Winning Short Stories.” It’s about a couple going through a rough time and grieving after a tragedy in this story. She believes in making people smile and letting emotions flow through writing and reading. Her goal with this story is to bring hope to those in need.

J.B: What inspired you to write your short story?

C.K: A previous professor did. She talked about her difficulty with fertility and mentioned descriptions in writing, and this story just came about. 

J.B: What was the most challenging part of writing your story?

C.K: Trying to connect to the characters to make the emotions feel genuine. 

J.B: What genres do you personally like to read?

C.K: Romantic comedy – I love when a book can make me laugh! I also enjoy thrillers and mystery. 

J.B: Do you have any other writing projects in the works?

C.K: Always in the works! I hope to get my stuff out there soon.

J.B: Who is your target audience?

C.K: Anyone looking for a sign of hope or a bond.

J.B: What do you hope readers take away from your story?

C.K: Hope. We all go through periods where things seem super down, but it’s nice to hope it will turn around because it will!

J.B: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

C.K: Don’t give up! Sometimes you must let out your own stories before you’re ready to go public. 

Readers can pre-order Winners: A Compilation of Award-Winning Short Stories through Chana’s customized link here.

Learn more about Chana Kohanchi through the links below: 

Facebook: Chana Kohanchi

LinkedIn: Chana Kohanchi 

Twitter: @Chanakoh

Instagram: @Chanakoh



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