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Something Or Other Publishing invites you to play a crucial role in the publishing process of Chasing Dreams, our forthcoming publication by Tom Hampton.

Tom Hampton is a natural from Houston but spent his high school years in the countryside of the gulf coast of Mississippi. He followed in his mother’s footsteps, the first female to receive a master’s degree in chemistry from Texas Southern University, by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and working as an engineer for Xerox in new product development after graduation. Learning from watching his father’s and grandfather’s entrepreneurial ventures, Hampton later pursued his business passions by attending Cornell, obtaining an MBA in Finance, and then taking a job in strategic planning with Scott Paper.

His corporate career would take off when he accepted a position for Avery, where his ability to take a complex topic and explain it in simple forms would stand out as a substantial factor in his success. At Avery, Tom ran financial and operating business units, leading from $12 million to $20+ million in sales.

His desire to stay in California resulted in him moving to Southern California Edison to manage the Southern California Edison Real Estate Business Unit and introduce process/performance management to improve several organizations. Once he retired from corporate America, Hampton re-ignited his entrepreneurial spirit and started S&TH Consulting, focusing on bringing the skills he’s learned throughout his journey to small business CEOs.

Tom Hampton’s life has taken him through many paths, from an entrepreneur to a corporate executive and from small cities to major metropolises. His journey, full of discernment, education, and expertise, led him to address the most prominent issue he’s ever faced: the lack of financial literacy.

It became apparent to Tom, both in corporate and entrepreneurial America, that the big gap in today’s business world was not strategy or operations—it was financial literacy. Chasing Dreams: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finance is his attempt to improve the business and financial literacy of America.

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Readers can pre-order Chasing Dreams: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finance by Tom Hampton through his product page here


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