Author Marketing: Writers Supporting Writers!

It’s challenging to go from an unknown writer to a successful author, and our marketing team is well aware of it. This blog intends to push writers to pursue support from the audience they never fully leverage and sometimes underestimate: other writers!

Some writers tend to be shy and insecure when seeking support from the writer’s community. They don’t know that supporting your fellow writers is an effective way to expand your readership and contribute to the success of many emerging writers looking for the final push to gain the recognition their stories deserve. With that in mind, SOOP has collected seven practices writers can use to support other writers and grow the spirit in their writing communities: 

  1. Recommend the work of other writers of your genre to your fan base: Sharing their blogs, announcements, or further relevant updates is beyond significant in the career of an emerging writer. A simple recommendation is a lovely way to support writers and see that other talented writers like yourself wish them well. This act becomes reciprocal most of the time. 
  2. Leave reviews on their platforms: Reviews elevate the status of any book. They provide the credibility any author seeks to gain approval and praise. So dedicate a few minutes to leave a positive review highlighting what you love about a story. It can become the difference maker in the career of an arising author!
  3. Provide friendly feedback: A quick shout-out or word of encouragement can be a great way to support other writers. Engage with fellow authors in your genre and tell them how much you enjoyed their work, while you may also wish to throw your own experience and some writing advice.
  4. Purchase their books on pre-order or launch week: Apart from aiming for good earnings, sales in the first week can lead a writer to a #1 Best Seller on Amazon or send their career downfall. Supporting your fellow writer on these milestone dates is crucial to help them build more momentum!
  5. Engage with them through social media: Social Media is now the standard place to find people or get to know them. Since many of us like to spend half of our day digging content on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, why not take a few minutes to follow the pages of fellow writers within your genre? It would help them build their audience while you can learn about their writing endeavors.
  6. Moral support on book events: Book signings can be terrifying for those writers who prefer to create books rather than market them. In addition, it can be scary to think about walking into an event without knowing if anyone will show up. Therefore, rooting for fellow authors at their local event is an excellent way to support them and build your writing network. 
  7. Recommend their books to bookstores and book clubs: The best way to help boost a writer’s visibility and local presence is by recommending their work to indie bookstores and book clubs. Book lovers are always looking for new reading gems, and, like any other store, bookstores tend to listen to their customer’s ever-changing needs. So suggesting a couple of books now and then may convince them to order a few copies!

Becoming a successful and well-known author is quite a task, but these practices can guide you to put your grain of sand in growing your writer’s community. Now, you can be the provocateur to motivate other writers to do the same!


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