Baha’i Researcher Eileen Maddocks releases The Coming of the Glory Volume 2

MADISON, WI – The second volume of the beloved series “The Coming of the Glory: How the Hebrew Scriptures Reveal the Plan of God,” by Writer and Researcher of the Bahá’í Faith Eileen Maddocks, is now available on SOOP and Amazon platforms. 

In this new chapter released by Something Or Other Publishing, Maddocks expands in a thrilling examination into her ongoing project to map out each and every one of the Hebrew prophets in chronological order and within the context of Israelite history and the spiritual evolution of humanity as a whole.

Maddocks, who spent many years working at the Bahá’í World Centre in Haifa, Israel while also broadening her knowledge in ancient theologies, has given readers a fascinating look into the development of faith.

Establishing a solid foundation for Maddocks’ analysis, the first volume of the series, “Gobekli Tepe to Elijah,” focused on the earliest known roots of organized religion among prehistoric humans in the Paleolithic hunter-gatherer days and their evolution towards the first prophets, concluding with the breakthrough from the Prophet Elijah who described God, not as an anthropomorphic storm god, but as a divine voice to be heard on the inner level.

“The Preexilic Years: Amos to Jeremiah” features a thorough dive into the years of some of the early, canonical Hebrew prophets in the pre-exilic period and how their many insights influenced the advancement of religion, theology, and civilization itself. While the historical value of this analysis cannot be overstated, Maddocks believes that many of the teachings from these early prophets can profoundly benefit the lives of those who experience them.

“Life-changing perspectives await the reader who is willing to approach these prophecies with an open mind, in the light of what has been made manifest in this modern age,” Maddocks wrote.

For those hungry for more of Maddocks’ historical and spiritual research, be sure to check out her first book, “1844: Convergence in Prophecy,” a study into the work of William Miller and the Millerite movement along with the emergence of Bahá’u’lláh, the Prophet of the Bahá’í Faith. 

Readers can enjoy The Coming of the Glory Volume 2 on kindle and paperback editions as well as the first entry into the series, “Gobekli Tepe to Elijah”, and expect the release of the third and final volume in 2023.


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