#SOOPWinners: Announcing the Winners of the Curator’s Choice Awards!

Something Or Other Publishing is delighted to announce the winners of The Curator’s Choice Awards!

We cannot thank you enough for our high participation level during the entire year. Our curators had a wonderful time going through all these stories; it wasn’t easy to pick the winners looking at the effort and dedication each of you delivered.

All winners will receive an email with instructions to redeem their Certificate and their Cash Prize! The top three entries from each Heat move forward to the Semi-finals, to be judged by an independent panel of judges, for consideration for additional Awards and Cash Prizes to the authors.

SOOP’s purpose in conducting this contest is to provide a steady flow of stories for SOOP’s curators to review. SOOP’s Curators recommend stories to our editorial team to offer a unique publishing opportunity for these emerging Authors. Anyone provided and accepted a contract will have their submission published in one or more carefully curated anthologies, similar to a 25 Servings of SOOP Volume I, with royalties that are generally above industry standards.

Without further ado, the winners are:


1st Heat

WINNER: Happy With a Twist by Clara Schenk

RUNNER-UP 1: ​​The Trip for True Love by Deja Kuehn

RUNNER- UP 2: Time and Elevators Heal All Wounds by LaPlant

2nd Heat

WINNER: Daddy Day by Billy Vera

RUNNER-UP 1: Commodity Fetishism by Sofia Tantono

RUNNER- UP 2: The Runaway Princess by Michaela Vlčejová



1st Heat

WINNER:  The Storyteller’s Daughter by Sophie Trist

RUNNER-UP 1: ​​Home For The Caillte by P. Ghearing

RUNNER- UP 2: Constant Companions by T.L. Fladager

2nd Heat

WINNER:  Liana and the Seventh Spin by Roberta Azzopardi

RUNNER-UP 1: Twelve by Wren Handman

RUNNER-UP 2: Through the Ether and Ashes by Jones


Historical Fiction 

WINNER:  If the Lord Don’t Forgive Me by Brincat

RUNNER-UP 1: Harmony Hall by Chad Crossley

RUNNER-UP 2: Tillamook by Drowley



WINNER: The Gift by Travis Miles

RUNNER-UP 1: Max by Travis Miles

RUNNER-UP 2: Letters for Maggie by Travis Miles


Memoir & Autobiography

WINNER:  Divorce in the Time of Social Media by Lindsay Schraad

RUNNER-UP 1: The Little Black Book of Soyuznik by David Lutes

RUNNER-UP 2: The Family by C. Kohanchi

RUNNER-UP 3: Once Upon a Pink Balloon by Laura Harper



WINNER:  Roy McDonald: Profile in Courage by Ken Tingley

RUNNER-UP 1: A Sullivan Survives by L. Underwood

RUNNER-UP 2: The Chipper by Smith



WINNER: Black and Benevolent is the Dark by Bishop

RUNNER-UP 1: Crocheting In Heaven by Eve Gaal

RUNNER-UP 2: Born Broken by Davis



1st Heat

WINNER: Bound Together by Morris

RUNNER-UP 1: Return by Kyle Fairhurst

RUNNER-UP 2: The Corvid by Chandra Menezes

2nd Heat

WINNER: Workaholic by Ralynn Frost

RUNNER-UP 1: Sweet Rot by Benjamin Headlee

RUNNER-UP 2: An Impossibly Casual Nexus by Christèle G


Young Adult

WINNER: One Thousand Degrees by Florence Krieger

RUNNER-UP 1: Wireless Headphones on Full Blast by M. Sunderland

RUNNER-UP 2:  The Collector by Haley Forté


Humor & Entertainment 

WINNER: My Interview with an Airline by Marlene DeVere

RUNNER-UP 1: Fish Wish by Eve Arthur 

RUNNER-UP 2: The Chicken Lady by Jimenez 



WINNER: A Key in the Lock by K. Hirsch

RUNNER-UP 1: Bury Your Dead by Emily Dernoeden

RUNNER-UP 2:  What Goes Around by Walt McKenzie



WINNER: The Hexagon Key by Dawn DeBraal

RUNNER-UP 1: Hill, Anderson, Waggoner by Dave Anderson 

RUNNER-UP 2: Rice by Him



WINNER: Hotel Bara by Susan McCartney

RUNNER-UP 1: Tales of Hunger in the Forest of Death by Chatterjee 

RUNNER-UP 2: Deadly Hunt by Bunge


Motivational & Inspirational

WINNER: Between Life and Death by Azmat 

RUNNER-UP 1: The Simple Impediment by Hassan Rauf

RUNNER-UP 2: Three Blonde Wigs by Henderson


Children’s Fiction

WINNER: The Extraordinary by Joy Christopher

RUNNER-UP 1: Alyssum’s Wish by McDougal

RUNNER-UP 2: A Very Beautiful Rainbow by Marcus Mulenga



1st Heat

WINNER: The Eastside Wasteland has a Winning Team by Les Abernathy

RUNNER-UP 1: Population Control by Blanke

RUNNER-UP 2: The Big Bang by J. Wilson

2nd Heat

WINNER: The Gate by Paolo Decena

RUNNER-UP 1: Dust and Laughter by McCaskill

RUNNER-UP 2: To Steal the Stars by Lauren Smith



1st Heat

WINNER: The Iron of Everything by Rubinger 

RUNNER-UP 1: Remember the Good Things, Forget the Bad Things by Lillian Brueckman 

RUNNER-UP 2: Generation P. by Zagerson

RUNNER-UP 3: Zombies Hate to See You Cry by Vincenzo Pasquarella 


Congratulations to the winners!

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