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Editing your work or having it edited is something that every writer must face at least once in their writing career.  We have to make sure that our work is the best it can be before we present it to the public. You can have someone help you edit your work or do it yourself. You can also use the editor that comes when you get a publishing deal. This is one of the major steps a writer must take in order to give the public the most polished product that they can. 

Working with an editor may not be your cup of tea, because the may suggest things that you don’t see for your writing. This can frustrate writers and make them feel like it isn’t worth it to them anymore. Editors can be brutal, but worth it in the end. It would be suited for most people to edit their own work or have someone they know edit the work. If you get a contract you will need to work with the editor they provide for you.


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There are many things you can do to edit your own work. You may need to step away from your work so you can look at it with fresh eyes. You don’t have to go away for long, but you do need a break sometimes. There is something you may not have thought of, read your work in a different format. For example, you can read your work in HTML format instead of on the Word document you are using to write your story. This will show you where your mistakes are.

Another thing that you can try is reading your work out loud, or have someone read it out loud to you. Doing this can help you hear where you have a problem and need to work on your writing. Using a program like Grammarly is a great idea for the beginning writer. It helps you find your grammar weaknesses and helps you strengthen your writing. Reading backward can help you see places the may need work and help you improve the flow of your story.


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Remember that you are in control of your work and where you take it creatively. Editing only helps us as writers to be better at our craft. Use editing wisely and help others if you can. We have to stick together in this writing community and make sure we all succeed in our dreams. Just use editing to help you and not to have someone else tell you where your work needs to go. Good luck editing your work and creating something amazing.






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