#MarketingMondays: Have You Ever Had Writer’s Block?

Writer's Block

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t continue writing? Did it make you feel like it wasn’t all worth it? Well, that is what we call writer’s block. Having writer’s block is not the end all be all for writers. A lot of authors may think that when they get writer’s block, their career is over. Whenever I get into this situation, I just walk away from that particular project and start another one or take a break from writing altogether. This helps you clear your mind and become a lot less frustrated with yourself and your work. 

There have been claims that writer’s block doesn’t even exist. It has been said that writer’s block is just us writers trying to make something happen before it is ready to happen in our minds. We try to bring to life on the page something that hasn’t fully formed, and we get frustrated that it doesn’t come out the way that we want it to. We get angry and start to think that it is not worth it to write it anymore. This is the moment that we need to take steps to stop this project and come back to it later.


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Did you know that there are several types of writer’s block? One of the main ones is not being able to come up with an idea. A way to counteract this is to use the writing prompts that are on the internet or have a friend give you ideas. The opposite of this is to have too many ideas. When you start to write about the ideas you have, they don’t seem to work out, and you can’t seem to go anywhere. A way to counteract this is to write down all ideas that come to mind and put them away for a while and come back to them later. 

Another big one is that you are revising your work and you can’t seem to see past what you already wrote. This may not be actual writer’s block, but it can be solved by not over thinking your work. You can work through most of the problems that you have with writer’s block by just stepping away or by creating new projects. This may be redundant, but you should look at what is going on with your writing as opposed to trying to continue with something that isn’t going anywhere. 


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Remember you are in control of what happens when you are stuck with your writing. Taking a few steps to move past this is one of the best things that you can do. You should not get frustrated when your writing isn’t going anywhere. You need a break, and that is something that we all need to remember, even if we don’t think that we need it. Just remember walking away is not quitting, it’s giving your brain the break it deserves when you are writing all the time.






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