#MarketingMondays: Running Promotions

Running Promotions

Running Promotions can help you as an author reach your audience and possibly more people who would like to read your work. There are several ways that you can run promotions that will help you sell your work, or at the very least get people to read it. These types of promotions help you, and your work makes more of an impact on your audience. Promotions can be a lot of work, but they will be worth it in the end.

Some of the most prominent ways to run promotions are to reduce the price of the book or giveaway books. These types of promotions help your reader be more accessible to the audience. Make sure you target the audience you have set for your books, so that they may tell their friends and family that may not know about your work yet. Promoting like this can help you get a sense of where you stand with your work and as an author.


Running Promotions

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A way to give away your book is to add merchandise to the book that you are giving away. For example, you can give away bookmarks, an item that makes sense to the story of your book. However, perfume or cologne that you may think one of the characters would wear or an idea for the next book could be an excellent way to promote your work. You could let them help you name a character if they are the lucky winner of a contest.

Contests are another excellent way to promote your work. A great way to run a contest would be to have your readers take a quiz and then tweet their results. Also, you could have them reply with one of their favorite things about the book and then retweet or share the results. Contests help you to reach their friends and family and then they can tell their friends and family and so on and so on.


Running Promotions

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Working with promotions can help you as an author and as a person. This allows you to get closer to your audience as well as them getting to know you. Letting your readers in just a little bit will help you become a better writer as well as a better person. Bringing in contests and promotions will help you to sell your work and gain more of a following in the process. Here’s to hard work and good promotions.






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