#MarketingMondays: Optimizing Your Book for Effective Promotions


Optimizing your book for effective promotions is one of the many things an author must do to help sell more books or get more readers. There are a few ways that this can be done. Writing parts of your book and giving the reader something to cling to while you finish the book is one way to help with this. Giving the readers part of your book and leaving it on a cliffhanger is an excellent way to keep them coming back for more. If you hook them with your writing, they will want to read the rest of your work. 

When writing a cliffhanger, you want to make sure that you give your readers something that will make them come back and want to read the rest of your work. If you don’t give them enough to want to come back, then you are wasting yours and their time. Another thing that you can do is cross-promote your other books with the back matter of your new book. Using back matter helps to add to the way that a reader sees you and your work allowing them to give your other work a chance. optimizing

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The back matter is the space in the pages after your book is complete. It helps to advertise for yourself here.  Also, add your mailing list for your newsletter, and you’re on the author page here. Adding to the back matter will give your readers something to help them get to know you better and provide them with a chance to read your other works.  Another way to optimize promotion is to use target words on your products. For example, if your target audience like vampires make sure that you use vampires in your blog headlines and on your books promotion site.

A few other ways that you can optimize your book promotions are to make sure that your work is available globally. If your work is accessible globally, you can reach a broader audience. When selling your book with a vendor you need to make sure all versions of your book are available to your readers so that they can choose the format they like the most, may it be audiobook, e-book, or print.optimizing

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Using this techniques and ideas, you should be able to optimize your promotion of your books. One other thing to do is make sure that your attach your work to SEO words that your readers will be able to find you and your work. Given that you are willing to put in the work and make your work known, you should be able to get your readers to want to read your work and continue with you long after your first book. 






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