# Marketing Mondays: Is Social Media Really the Answer?

The answer is yes, social media is the solution for today’s market. Social media is the new way of networking. Many businesses and individuals use social media as a way of selling themselves to the public. Create a brand that is focused on you because it needs to be unique and fit you and your work. Create at least one social media account that helps you to promote your brand in a way that you will enjoy. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are just some of the ways you can engage in communicating with your audience.

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It is important that you create a platform that is about you and your work. Building a brand that stands out, because you want to show your readers what you are about. Create an account that you will enjoy posting to and keeps your readers engaged with you. Make sure that you use the “about me” page so that the readers can see more of who you are and what you are trying to promote.

Be creative with what you post, because it makes your posts more memorable. Use social media as a research tool as to what the trends are, and what you should use as a way of promoting yourself in a way that fits you.

Keeping Audience Engaged

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Social media moves fast, so make sure that you keep posting because you want to remain in your readers’ minds. Make sure that you post meaningful things that help you to market yourself and create a sense of comfort for you readers.  You need to post at the very minimum twice a day to keep your presence fresh in the mind of readers.

To keep your readers engaged, you should ask them simple questions that get their thoughts flowing.  Be funny because your readers are everyday people, and sometimes they need to laugh. Repost old blogs to keep them fresh in readers’ minds. Post stuff that you think your audience will like and respond to, because making it personal may get you bonus points. So remember, to just be yourself and have fun with creating a brand for yourself that will stick in the minds of readers.







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