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When an author writes non-fiction, they had better be able to back up their words. Author of the sky-rocketing Book Idea Beyond Terror, Anne Marie Waters, joins us today to give us a taste of her work. Her guest blog offering is chock full of sources, and that is something all aspiring non-fiction authors should take note of. Whether or not you agree with Anne Marie’s content, her writing and clearly researched content and insightful and captivating. It helps that her passion for her subject is infections, and jumps off the page. In this author-featuring blog, Anne-Marie Waters writes about what drew her to her subject and ignited her passion, followed by an excerpt from her book. 

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I’ve always been a lover of life, that is what fundamentally drives me.  The first conscious political thought I can remember having was about injustice – the injustice that girls should suffer for being girls, to have their choices limited and their achievements understated.  I was raised a Catholic and believed from an early age that it was wrong for religions to place guilt in to the minds of innocent people.  A fundamental love of life causes me to oppose totalitarian religions and regimes, and I believe, partly due to its lack of opposition, that the religion of Islam is enjoying an enormous power-surge, something that will be extremely dangerous, particularly for women and girls.  I believe that as human beings only have a brief time to enjoy life, they should be able to do so in a way that makes them happy.  The only restriction therefore on one’s freedoms should be to prevent them from restricting the freedoms of others.  I think the American mantra puts it best – people should be entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  This requires individual rights and freedoms to be protected and held dear.

I also believe strongly in nation-state democracy and that nation-states are perfectly within their rights to protect themselves from external harm.  The people of any country have the democratic right to expect their leaders to prioritize their interests above all others.  It is the case currently that Western leaders have begun to prioritize people from overseas over and above the interests of their own electorate.  This is a disaster for democracy and freedom and accountable governance.

Expert from Beyond Terror

“How important is rape?  How significant is the rape of thousands of women?  Does it really matter if free, safe women are made less free, less safe, by an ever-present threat of rape?  Without speech, without articulation, these questions have been asked of Western society, and the answer is dreadful news for its women.  Rape has become tolerable in Europe because its prevention conflicts with the political ideals of its leaders – politicians who, for whatever reason, have opened the EU’s borders to some of the most world’s most dangerous societies for women.  European women are paying a heavy price.  

When Chancellor Angela Merkel unbolted Germany’s doors to welcome more than a million people (so far) from the Middle East and North Africa, she must have done so in the knowledge of what this could mean for German women.  Hundreds of thousands of military-aged men have now passed through what was the once the German border.  These men are not refugees, or asylum seekers.  Many come from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere across the region.  Rape and sexual assault figures have exploded in Germany[1], and the reasons are not difficult to understand.   

In Egypt, a staggering 99% of women have been sexually harassed.[2]  Common sense tells us that this harassment must be being carried out by Egyptian men, and therefore it is likely to be considered acceptable behaviour by most.  In Afghanistan[3], half of the women in prison are there for “moral crimes”, including being victims of rape.  In Pakistan, women can be stoned to death by law for adultery.  When 100,000s of men from such countries come to Europe and encounter free, independent women, what could be a possible result?  Men will inevitable sexually pester European women, and some will not take no for an answer. 

This story is repeated in Sweden[4], where rape rates have rocketed and the response has been to tell Sweden’s women to curtail their freedoms – as was to be expected.  So-called “feminists” are silent, and those of us who do speak out are widely condemned as racist or fascist.  This is a dire situation for Europe’s women and restrictions on our free speech have prevented a full and frank discussion.

Mass immigration from the Muslim world has caused profound damage to European society.  Nowhere is this damage more felt than by the continent’s women.  Along with a vast increase in rape of native European women, our countries are now home to horrific practices such as female genital mutilation, child marriage, and honour killing.  The story of the European woman has been abruptly interrupted; fighters for democracy and freedom are having their legacies trounced by the import of often medieval practices and ideas.

In Beyond Terror, I will reveal exactly how and why the Western world is being transformed while we look the other way.  I will describe the formal alliance between the Western Left-wing and some of the most extreme jihadi and Islamist groups in the world.  This alliance is taking us to the edge of losing our freedoms.  Freethinkers, atheists, Christians, Jews, homosexuals and other minorities are directly threatened by Muslim immigration to the West.  Beyond Terror will reveal how our tolerance for intolerance is leading us in to a world of religious censorship, violence, and above all, misogyny. 





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