SOOP on Saturday: Awarding SOOP dollars to our top 5 authors

It’s been a race to the finish line for January 2015 authors. With five Saturdays this month, we’ve had lots of opportunity to count votes and tally progress. The biggest news was a RED hot streak by our top author, with almost 200 votes gained since last month, putting her in a league of her own at over 700 votes.

Wow! Keep it up Nicole! Maybe you’ll tell us how you did it in a future “Wednesday is for Writers” blog. How ’bout it?

Congratulations to our January SOOP Dollar winners and their popular book ideas:Race-finish-line-winner

50 SOOP Dollars go to Nicole Collet for RED with 702 votes

40 SOOP Dollars go to Vivek Kumar for Hearts on Fire (Heartwarming Birthday Messages) with 484 votes

30 SOOP Dollars go to Christian Lee for Sealed with 359 votes

20 SOOP Dollars go to Wade Fransson for The Rod of Iron with 249 votes

10 SOOP Dollars go to Hanzel Calangan for Destiny Maybe with 240 votes

SOOP Dollars for Monthly WinnersWinners, you can spend your SOOP dollars on new ways to help you advance your book towards publishing. We love how our active authors participate and create interest and activity! We are very excited at what YOU are doing to create this growth and we look forward to more ways to grow together. Go ahead, put your game face on and compete for a top ranking.

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