SOOP on Saturday: shout out for great progress in New Book Ideas!

shoutoutHappy New Year 2015 to everyone in the SOOP world! We expect great things for this year and are glad you’ve joined us. We’re here to support you in pursuing your goal of becoming published and to recognize your hard work in getting there.

The new book ideas have gained such momentum that we want to further motivate and recognize anyone whose idea has shown significant progress upward in the chart of the Top 20 book ideas.

Following are our greatest “movers and shakers” — those authors whose new book ideas are “knocking it out of the park” for various reasons:

  1. Most Increased Votes — author of the book idea that showed the largest numeric increase in votes, month over month. Congratulations to Nicole Collet for RED.
  2. Highest Debut — author of the book idea that entered the Top 20 at the highest rank in either of the two monthly Top 20 posts last month. Congratulations to Christian Lee for Sealed. He entered the charts in 3rd position.

And for those not already recognized, here’s a Shout Out to SOOP’s New Book Idea of the Month — the author who wowed us with their Questionnaire and who we believe shows great potential to succeed with SOOP. Congratulations to Hanzel Calangan for Destiny Maybe.

We plan to recognize authors and their progress on a monthly basis for the previous month’s accomplishments.


  1. Hanzel Calangan says:

    Thank you for making my book as the new book idea of the month! I never would’ve expected that you believe in me as having potential to succeed with your team. Thanks a lot! 🙂

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