#MarketingMonday: Make your author blog stand out

We’re back with another week’s worth of #MondayMarketing tips, tricks, and stories. In this installment, we’re wrapping up our 3-part series on the importance of maintaining an author blog for every great author’s platform. If you remember, in the first installment, we explained why it’s important to blog. In the second, we gave you some tips to get over your content creation conundrum. Today, we’re all about helping you stand out from the crowd.

STAND OUT TIP #1: Be Unique

There’s no one else on the planet like you. Embrace it and make your blog as unique as you are. Are you one of the few who hates Game of Thrones (gasp!)? Or maybe your favorite thing in the world (besides writing books) is spelunking? Whatever the uniqueness is, talk about it. Find others who like to talk about it too, and get this party started.


For authors to be successful, we have to face this fun thing called fear. Not only in our manuscripts, but also in expressing our identity to our readers. Your author blog is your forward face to the precise people you want reading your books. So be brutally honest. Verge on the teetering edge of impropriety if you must. Be bold in your words, actions, attitudes. Share as much as humanly possible and then share some more. Whether it be about you personally, or sharing some tasty tidbits about the manuscript you’re currently working on. Trust me, your readers want to be a part of your journey.

STAND OUT TIP #3: Be Diverse

If you usually post a status update as a blog, remember to switch it up once in a while. Add a photo montage, or a vlog. Perhaps you want to do a fun blog hop questionnaire. Whatever it is, diversify your content on your blog to keep it fresh and entertaining.

STAND OUT TIP #4: Be Consistent

While it’s great to surprise your readers with something new, it is equally as important to be consistent with them. It’s sorta like knowing when your favorite show comes on and what the channel is. If the show hopes all over the place, even the best of viewers will get lost and lose interest. You don’t want that to happen, do you? So make a plan and stick to it. If you can only post once a week, super! But make sure you post. In the long run, your readers (and your ratings) will thank you for it.

STAND OUT TIP #5: Be Invaluable

As much as your blog is about you – it’s not. Yep, you read that right. Your blog is about your readers and what they will benefit from reading your words. Make it worth their while. Give them tips that they can’t find elsewhere. Entertain them in a way only you can. Whatever you do, always ask yourself, “what can my reader take away from this?”


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