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American statesman Colin Powell described leadership as “the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible.” SOOP seeks to embody this type of leadership in the publishing industry. This is a bold statement for a small startup, but hear me out.

The Publishing Industry is ripe for Author Driven Book Publishing

The Way We Were

This article in the Washington Post is typical of the discussion about the revolution and transformation taking place in the publishing industry. The arrival of the information age, coupled with the overwhelming impact of technology and the Internet, have shaken the existing industry to its foundation. On the other hand, the complex supply and value chain, coupled with the dominance of a few big players in existing brick and mortar outlets, have proven themselves stubbornly resistant to disruptive models. SOOP seeks to change all that by creating a new model that encompasses the entire end-to-end process, while recognizing that in the brave new world of publishing, the author is more central than ever before to his or her success. Our model enables a portal-supported method for authors to take their idea from fog to SOOP, building an audience and accruing tangible benefits along the way, and from SOOP to nuts in terms of a delivering a high quality product to that audience. In our model, which bridges the gap between traditional and self-publishing, the author avoids having to reinvent the wheel in the school of hard knocks. SOOP authors leverage tools and resources that help them to arrive at decisions that are aligned with their objectives. They follow a clear but flexible path that helps them to determine the appropriate answer at the appropriate time. Here’s an overview of our stair-step model toward contract eligibility, in which the author completes focused activities at various voting milestones that unlock specific benefits:

We call it Author-Driven Book Publishing. Unlike vanity or subsidy publishing, SOOP authors avoid spending their own money or giving away rights in ways that they will live to regret. There is no painful hangover from having been railroaded. Unlike traditional commercial publishing, SOOP authors are in full control of the process and decisions at each step of the journey, in ways that ensure the fair distribution of risk and reward to all parties. The key differentiator is that SOOP’s Author-Driven Book Publishing model was created with utmost respect for the author. Our focus is on author empowerment through education. An educated, empowered author will invariably achieve the maximum success possible for his or her work. Accordingly, our goal is to become the most empowering, most supportive, most author-focused publishing house on the planet. We encourage you to learn more about how we’re tackling this goal — including more in-depth insight into our various publishing options and our voting model — and to check out some of the authors and titles currently building an audience with SOOP tools. In order to achieve that which the science of management says is impossible, we’re going to have to continue to innovate and improve. What better way to do so than to listen to our author community? Let us know what you think about our model or ask us your burning questions by contacting us. We look forward to learning together, en route to becoming a leader in the publishing industry.


  1. How do I submit my book idea? I can’t find anywhere to submit.

  2. Greetings,

    We are Moon and Stars Press a publishing company that shares your passion for ardent stories, compelling plot lines, and impactful characters. Our authors give our readers an exquisite escape that creates total enticement for the imagination. Moon & Stars Press is the right choice for established and aspiring authors writing Romance.
    Established 2016 we have 5 writers under our umbrella and publish on average 2 books a week, exclusively in the romance novel genre. All of our books are available in Amazon and in our website Please feel free to check it out and review it. We are open to recommendations and suggestions. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks and More Power.

    Rick Mager
    CEO, Moon and Stars Press

  3. Honeysuckle Pear says:

    I would like to see a comprehensive expansion of the model – to see who might benefit and at what stage. First impression – I am not going to give away any of my book ideas. I have quite a few. However, I am still learning my craft. I started 2010. Published in 2012 on Smahwords, Kindle. See – HoneysuckleP. I have made several big mistakes – first version was ‘First person point of view’ and too restrictive; – antagonist was drug addiction and cancer – hence, not commercial. – Readers want to see a person as the antagonist. – I am into my Nth major rewrite – lost count at 6,

    • I just gotta say, your so-called big-mistakes were not necessarily mistakes at all. Drug addiction and disease are valid antagonists. Another way of saying “too restrictive” in regards to first person is “intimate.”

      Granted, I haven’t read your work, but I want to. There are people who write within what is perceived as safe, reader-friendly boundaries, and there are those who push limits and innovate the writing world. There are plenty of people playing it safe; so if you’ve got it in you to play with the rules and challenge conventions, then I beg you to do it.

      I would buy your 1st person book with drug addiction and cancer as the antagonists. I would not buy a version of that book that was altered significantly from the original vision to pander to the masses.

      In any event, I’ll check out your work. Keep up the awesomeness.

  4. Hi I published my first book last year called A Hippopotamus at the Table available on Amazon. Its a memoir. I’m writing 2nd memoir plus have 2 other non fiction ideas simmering on the burner. Plus founded my own publishing company 2 years ago, which has been on the back burner but about to bring forward. Its also specifically aimed at Indie authors.

    • Tina Morgado says:

      Hi there,

      I am also working on a memoir. Where is the best place to start? I really could use a “ghostwriter” to do the fill-ins. I am currently at a loss because ghostwriters cost well over $10,000…help!

      Tina Morgado
      [email protected]

  5. Hello everyone out there, I am a new writer and published author through a publishing company in London. I am a Kiwi, now living in Queensland. You can find me on Twitter @PTMsRock and Facebook My trilogy, of which I am half way through writing Part Three, is set in New Zealand and is about aging outrageously and disgracefully, when the staff and residents of a rest home discover a portal for time travel. The titles are A Timely Dream & No Time For Rules. I find that writing is a learning and growing experience. Some days, I get the smallest idea, and it grows and takes off on its own, and I’m wondering, where is this going? I always get a pleasant surprise when I get there!

  6. Publishing doesn’t mean squat unless the book can be promoted. Let me know the plan, man (or woman).

  7. Robert Weisskopf says:

    Tell me how this is better than Amazon/Createspace/KDP?

    [email protected]
    author of 4 books “True Poems” “Traveling Desire”

  9. I have to tell you – – as a professional editor, I wish I could rewrite your entire spiel. It’s full of corporate-speak, impersonal language lacking warmth or friendliness, and vague ideas with no precise concepts for the reader. With some tweaking, you might do better with your audience. Just a suggestion. It feels like a marketing major wrote it, more than someone who understands books, literature, or authors and what they want and need. 🙂

    • Wade Fransson says:

      Craig, thanks for your input. Sounds like you have a passion for this and some good ideas – we’ll be reaching out to you to see what you would come up with instead 🙂 !

  10. I still believe that history inspires and enlightens our readers to realize that traces of the past lead the path to the future.. I have a piece, “The Sons of Skanderbeg”, an epic that tells the grim reality of war. Some of my finished books are awaiting for interested print publishers. I am grateful with some online publishers particularly, SOOPLLc for sounding some of my titles to prospective readers.

  11. Tunde Olanipekun says:

    Anyone out there who could give advise as to how to go about writing my first book, some days I write all the way, while some days are quiet. I have a full scope of the book, hence I need guidance as I’m a rookie author, if I may say. I’m writing on​ Christian based values. I hope I’m on the right platform.

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