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SOOP on Saturday: New Book Ideas for August 2014

It's time again to check in on our latest new book idea submissions -- and there are plenty of intriguing titles to highlight from the past … more

Writers on Wednesday: Eric Mondschein’s Author-Driven Marketing: The Saga Continues

As I indicated in an earlier post, I have already begun my journey toward mastering what was once foreign to me: marketing my book. I cannot … more

“The Time Manipulator’s Son” Author Discusses Her Journey with Lizzy the Writer

Miami-based writer Lizzy Grace has extended a little room on her blog for SOOP author Rohini Singh and her forthcoming science-fiction … more

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“Chanelled Literary” by Natalie Kingsbury


A book that is written by a psychic medium who is able to channel president abraham lincoln. The book will be filled with code language in a writing style that has small to … read more

“THE LEGEND LIVES” by stephane fanfan


The hole point of this is a boy who bring hope between two states one called cystnall which mean darkness and another state called fohrj which means light and the boy name is … read more

“Mike and Bob” by Nathan Fehrman


In the distant future, earth is ruled by a kind british emperor and technology has advanced a lot. 18 year old Mike lives his life as earths greatest crime stopper, and 32 … read more

“The Dream Walker Land of Mystica Series” by Michelle Murray

The _Dream_Walker_Land_of_Mystica_Series

Once upon Mystica there were six wizards, three light and three dark. One day one if the dark wizards Midnight says a spell to trap the fellow wizards. The spell goes astray, … read more

“Brazen Song” by Carolyn Hunter


"Can You Hear It? The never ending song of brass, isn't it lovely? Let it consume you, your soul your heart your mind everything"In a post apocalyptic universe, run by … read more

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