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SOOP on Saturday: Top 20 popular book ideas for February 28, 2015

Congratulations to all the authors whose books are "steady" and steadily climbing the SOOP Top 20 most popular book ideas list. We've had … more

Wednesday is for Writers: Nicole Collet finds her readership

I would like to share my journey as a first-time fiction writer and how I found my readership. Perhaps that will inspire and enlighten … more

SOOP on Saturday: Shout Out for great progress by new book ideas!

Keep 'em coming! You writers have posted 13 new book ideas since the beginning of February,  and we're here to give a "shout out" to some … more

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“Timothy Alexander And The Red Winged Dragon” by N.R Moore


Timothy Alexander is an eleven year old school boy living an average life or at least he thought. Timothy was on his way to school for an recycling effort, when he was … read more

“How are you, today?” by Asem Mohammad


This book discusses some real life issues and provides tips on these issues as pertaining to wellness Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown … read more

“KILL THE INDIAN” by Christine Javid


Mahlon Sakima can’t stop watching his father’s thirty-year-old murder on video. His father’s political activism for the Ojibwe Nation got him assassinated on campus, while … read more

“SILVER” by iyanah charles


Caleb, is about as fine as a man could get, with his beautiful features, and massive strength, cunning, and is every ladies dream. highly intelligent, and can make anyone fall … read more

“PRETTY” by Sonya Burrell-Pearl


Taboo Topics Teens Experience.  A book about teenage sexual exploration, self esteem, suicidal, and racial issues.  Brittney Boudreaux is a popular senior in high school and … read more

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