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Writers on Wednesday: Rohini Singh: The Road to Publishing The Time Manipulator’s Son — and Beyond

Now that The Time Manipulator’s Son is published, I have seen that writing the book was the easy part. After finding a publisher in … more

SOOP on Saturday: The SOOP Top 20 for December 2014

And now for the SOOP Top 20 Book Ideas list! That's right, the number of book idea submissions and the amount of vote activity have been so … more

The Time Manipulator’s Son Is Now Available!

Rohini Singh is now officially the first published female science fiction author from Trinidad! The December 10 publication date of The Time … more

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“2Heroes” by Joshua Johnson


Every war has its heroes, on both sides. An unnamed top level assassin (senate appointed) has been in Burntstone for several years, on an undisclosed mission that he … read more

“29:16:04:59″ by Joshua Johnson


When someone turns twenty-six on their birthday they disappear into the city's center to never be seen again. Jackson Aims is only a month away from his turning. Without … read more

“The Life of a Child” by Michele Aleman


Watching your mother get beaten, Molested by a family member, Stalked by a stanger, Raped by an acquaintance before 18. Lost only parent at 22, lost oldest child at 24, and … read more

“Unwritten Love” by Angelica Carlin


Elijah Blackwood came into my life like a Guardian Angel.. He was dark & Beautiful.. I was drawn to him as I’d ever been to anyone in my life. I was flawed and … read more

“The Board” by Scott Hudson


Doctor's Lance Gregory, Matilda Evans, and Alex Craven comprise what is known as the Final Treatment Board of Physicians. Their job is to sift through the various patients who … read more

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