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Wednesday is for Writers: Christian Lee discusses using short links for marketing

Any time I hear someone say “less is more”, I tend to roll my eyes and think that he has never munched on a good steak or had a few bucks in … more

SOOP on Saturday: Top 20 popular book ideas for January 24, 2015

This one's a nail-biter! We have a "tie-vote" among three titles, all having the same number of votes (pardon us for listing them … more

Wednesday is for Writers: Rohini Singh’s dream has come true!

It was a great honour to announce to the world on December 10th, 2014, the release of my first book, The Time Manipulator’s Son. Published … more

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“The Spirit Bottle” by Bibiana Krall


Being young and free, growing up in the lush Sea Islands of South Carolina, is like living in a dream. Bartow Island is well known for its crumbling abandoned plantations and … read more

“When Shadows Crossover” by Lu Carvalho

When Shadows Crossover

Cam Gilmore is brutally murdered. The circumstantial evidence points to his ex, Lia DiPiazza, a striking forty-something who has a history of mental illness and survived years … read more

“The Time-Walker Chronicles: Jason Brightday and the Lords of Eh’den” by Paul Long


Clement Brightday, Chief of the Ba’wis, an ancient and secret aboriginal tribe, discovers that his grandson was not killed with his parents 16 years ago. He brings him home to … read more

“The Wild One” by kim howell


The book will be an a count of a a young girls sexual a waking from the age of 14 till she is 41. It will list the men and emotions very vividly. Vote for this Book … read more

“Streams of Memories” by Rebecca Sharrock


HSAM (or Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory) is a rare condition where one is able to recall every day of their life with fair to perfect accuracy. Prior to the year 2011 … read more

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