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SOOP on Saturday: Top 20 popular book ideas for April 25, 2015

Voting has been very active lately, for which we're really thrilled! You writers, readers, authors, and bloggers are driving your own … more

Wednesdays are for Writers: Joanne Mallon on How to Finish Writing a Book

Starting to write a book is easy. Lots of people start to write books (or say they're going to, one day). Finishing a book, on the other … more

SOOP on Saturdays: New book ideas are in bloom!

Blooms are popping out all over, and so are new book ideas!We've got a nice cross-section of various genres, from Romance to Reference, and … more

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“Hunter” by Joanna Albin

"Hunter" by Joanna Albin

Averella’s brother Gabriel is arrested and thrown into Zagerah, where men are taken and never seen from again. Gabriel is ill and will not survive on his own. Averella … read more

“The Path Unseen” by Tolina Rowlands

The Path Unseen

Did you ever wonder what would happen when all of a sudden , you were sent off on a ship to marry a man who you've never met? The only problem is- you never get there. That … read more

“Living on Cape Clear Island, Irish speaking, population 80″ by Simon Cocking


We're going to live on an Irish speaking island off Baltimore, the most southerly point of Ireland.  We're leaving Dublin suburban life, to do something completely different.  … read more

“Second Chance: Get Up Again” by Divya Jain

Second Chance Get Up Again

This book is the journey of life. In this book life will tell you the three tales of its journey. Three different stories about the three people. Their life and situations are … read more

“The Easy Approach to Speed Training” by Dr. Raymond Tucker CSCS, USATFL1, FMS, USAW-L1

The Easy Approach to Speed Training

This is a great book for any coach, parent, or athlete looking for an easy to understand approach to linear speed training. This book will cover the proper body position and … read more

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