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Writers on Wednesday: Rohini Singh: Miss Felix’s Creative Writing Class

I entered Form 5 at the age of fifteen. My English teacher Miss Felix was tough. Sixteen out of twenty-five was a top mark in essay writing. … more

SOOP on Saturday: The SOOP Top 10 for September 2014

This month, our Top 10 list comes with the announcement of a new SOOP program, to begin in October: SOOP Dollar Awards! Each month, the … more

Writers on Wednesday: Rohini Singh: Why I Started Writing

Coming from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, I grew up reading  traditional books written by the Grimm Brothers, Mark Twain, Enid … more

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“The Rod of Iron” by Wade Fransson


A long and winding road comes to a fascinating and surprising end, as the journey that began with The People of the Sign reaches its climax. Riddle after puzzle after mystery … read more

“Grandma’a teeth and Aunt Gret’s eyes” by Daniel Anderson

Grandma'a teeth and Aunt Gret's eyes

We have an in laws suite behind our house that my wife's grandmother was living in. My three boys were out back playing and decided to go and visit Grandma unannounced. … read more

“Toxic” by Kayla Pollina


A young 14 year old boy Dustin lost his father in battle, and he often fights with his mother and doesn't a have a good relationship with her. All he has is his group of … read more

“Little Kids Big City” by Emma Braggs Emma

Little Kids Big City

Children's travel book where the reader follows the adventures of two "Little Kids" around the big cities. Their adventures would be to New York, London and Paris. The books … read more

“The Ice Cream truck” by Darby Cubbage


Him, her, ice cream truck. Where love took its way. Adrianna there, she found love along the way. Ice cream was the chase, but blue eyes, blonde hair was simply the … read more

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