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Wednesday is for Writers: Nicole Collet on using clichés in writing

I have always loved to read and write, and people said I wrote very well. For me, writing well meant knowing all the right expressions and … more

SOOP on Saturdays: Top 20 popular book ideas for May 23, 2015

          How do you like our new look? If you love it, Hurray! If you don't, we know... it's a … more

Votes to Fans

As you guys may have seen, RED by Nicole Collet and Sealed by Christian Lee (hmmm...that name sounds familiar...) have both passed the one … more

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“We’re love goes wrong” by Nicholas Beach


This book is about the life of a child, that was raised by his grand father and mother(whom also happens to be his father due to insestual rap with the child's mother) who he … read more

“Tasteful Desires” by Mulemvo Nianda

Tasteful Desires

A book of erotic poetry and suspenseful short stories that give readers vivid images of their unspoken desires for taboo romances, situations, and pleasures. Some graphic … read more

“Auld Folks” by Keely Greenfield

Auld Folks

A story of magic in old age, and the immortal nature of the inner child. Everyone in the neighborhood shakes their head at Mrs. DeWinter, a blind old woman who lives alone. … read more

“Seer of Souls” by Susan Faw


When a series of tragic events strike down the Royal family of Cathair, the throne is left empty. Alcina, sister to the king is crowned Queen as the next in line to the … read more

“The Hexing Well” by Jack Lon Staub


Disturbed, over-imaginative, and non-social child, Henry Thurman, grows up under the malign influence of a mysterious well that somehow possesses the capability to bring Henry … read more

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