RED: A Love Story


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Two lovers. One fate. One twist.
It will all hang on the roll of a die.

Marco is a seductive literature teacher embracing a life of unconventional pleasures to escape his past. His student Marisa hides behind a cheerful façade while struggling with the loss of her father and the estrangement of her mother.

Their mutual fondness of literature brings Marco and Marisa closer, and the two find in each other a soulmate. When their secret relationship comes to light, they are torn apart.

An unexpected encounter amidst mayhem brings them together again – two changed beings sharing unchanged feelings for each other.

To be reunited, however, Marco and Marisa must take a risk that can jeopardize their love forever.

RED is a tale of forbidden love that has received over two million hits on Wattpad. It was endorsed by journalist Debra Picket, a former columnist of The Chicago Sun-Times and contributor to CNN, as “an intriguing first novel – a thinking woman’s 50 Shades of Grey.” Set in Brazil and the US, RED is an unusual contemporary romance featuring references to philosophy, psychology, music and literature. If you enjoy the works of Sylvain Reynard, you’ll love RED.



”I am enjoying Red. The dialogue has such an authentic feel to it and the undercurrents of sharp wit and great intellect make the read a stellar engagement each time I fold the cover back to read. The rich world Nicole Collet builds for Red would make Karl Jung jealous. The story seeps into my psyche and takes me away with sensory clues wrapped around dialog that feels like becoming a part of the conversation. I especially enjoyed the way the book takes you inside Marisa’s mind as she takes in Marco’s features. Her attraction grows. Her need for Marco’s attention climbs over the walls of her best friend’s objections as he feeds her with intellectual stimulation. Marisa’s life is at a crossroads as she deals with the loss of her father and the increasing strain of her relationship with her watchful mother. There is a cauldron of simmering emotions in the story, at times quiescent then boiling over, and always present as the author’s mastery of the written word takes the reader on this sojourn of a young woman on the cusp of her transition from schoolgirl to woman. Red is captivating, intelligent, witty, and for me a trigger for memories when love was fervent and exploration of the wells of physical, mental, and spiritual pleasure all blended in a tempest that caused the first utterance of soul mate from my lips.”


”I stumbled across this book on Twitter and was intrigued by the “50 Shades for the thinking woman” explanation for it. Ms. Collet allows us into the minds of two broken but functioning human beings, Marco and Marisa, by writing in the third person. This allows the reader to see that the male romantic hero is not a one dimensional black hole, but a relatable man who has his secrets, his passions, and his own personality.

The student/teacher affair in this book does not fall into the cliché one might expect. As a reader who loves to get lost in taboo relationship stories, I was sucked into this book due to the gritty realism between them that created the most exquisite and vivid interactions between Marco and Marisa throughout the book, leading to unexpected turns.

Readers who appreciate a multi-layered, finely-crafted story that transports them to an exotic locale will LOVE RED. I highly recommend this book and already anticipate that I will re-read it this summer!”


”Wow!!! This book was intense. It made me laugh and cry and sometimes want to throw my pillow across the room! It’s different from any romance I’ve read, with very real characters and emotions. I also liked that there were intellectual aspects to the story that helped me understand love and my own relationships better.

Marisa is an 18 year old student that has lost her father and is having a hard time dealing with her possessive mother. Marco is her new literature teacher. He has the brains, the looks and is tormented by the scars of a nasty divorce. Sharing a passion for books, Marisa and Marco get closer and fall hard for each other, initiating a secret relationship with an intense physical and emotional connection. But its not meant to be and they must go their separate ways, shattered and heartbroken, until fate makes their paths cross one more time for a final decision.


“Red” is told in three parts marked by colors: white, black and red. The story starts in Brazil, then it takes a darker turn and moves to the US. The author did a brilliant job describing the locations with vivid pictures, the writing style is very poetic and includes Sartre and literary quotes. This book is hard to describe because there’s so much to it! It’s intriguing, thought provoking, passionate and unpredictable. The ending is beautiful and leaves you wanting more.…You have to read it to understand!”


”Intelligent and thought provoking romance. It was different to any other romance I have read before. The author has a unique writing style that makes this work poetic.”


”This story was amazing, you can visualize every scene. My bestfriend and I read this book together and we both love it. Can’t wait to something else from you!”

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