‘No Kitten Hate’ By keyz630

So once upon a time there was a brother and a sister the brother loved dogs and the sister loved kittens (so she was smart). The sister was older so when she turned 12 she got a kitten. She named this kitten Mrs. flufalufagus. She loved that kitten more than any thing but her brother despised it.

Mrs. flufalufagus would always came up to him and climb up his leg leaving scratches but she didn’t mean it. To make up for it she would climb in bed with him and he would throw her out. After a while Mrs. flufalufagus stopped being nice Mrs. flufalufagus. She now despised the brother as well.

One day she found his door was cracked open just enough for her to get through. She saw he was messaging his friends on the computer so she waited until he had to go to the restroom. when he left she sneaked in and decided to spill his deepest secrets.

She knew a lot of them because often she would snoop around his room looking for juicy gossip. when she was done typing the brother walked in so she put her paw up in the air right above the send button. He said NO she lowered her paw he said NO again she lowered her paw more that happened three more times till she hit post. He screamed and grabbed his computer trying to undo the damage but his friends had already seen them. He couldn’t take it back. All his friends stopped hanging out with him.

TWO YEARS LATER. It was his 12th birthday and he got a dog. This dog was one of those dogs that LOVED cats so he and Mrs. flufalufagus got along great. One day they were talking and the topic of the brother came up. She told him how he would kick her out of bed and the dog was FURIOUS. He decided to do the same thing as the cat but BIGGER. They devised a plan because Mrs. flufalufagus was the only one that had paws small enough to work the computer they decided the dog was going to signal to her when the brother had left then she would go on the SCHOOL WEB PAGE and the dog would tell her ALL his secrets because the brother told him all his secrets.

The plan was executed perfectly… UNTIL Mrs. flufalufagus was done typing then the boy walked in he started crying and begging for the kitten to forgive him she was about to then the sister walked in and she knew about her brother mistreating her kitty. SHE WAS MAD. She decided to press the button for the pets. The brother was never able to socially recover all because he hated kittens. In conclusion LOVE CATS AND KITTIES.

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