‘ISA: THE SON OF MARYAM’ By Soyba Qureshi

Set in the war torn land of Syria. Eight year old Isa, and his family are forced to abandon Aleppo and take refuge in a refugee camp. Day-to-day life is hard for all the civilians. Many fearing their life and the life of their loved ones are forces to flee to the adjoining countries- Jordon and Turkey, mostly. The fierce waters of the Mediterranean at night gave nothing, but a hope to the people trying to escape the war torn region.
It was only a few months ago, since they arrived in Ankara. Little Isa with his family, consisting of his little siblings and Mother were trying to adjust to their fate. Escaping in a small boat from Al Ladhiqiyah in Syria, they reached Antioch. Their first few days were spent in a refugee camp at Atmeh, Syria. Men were separated from, women and children. Isa had no idea about the war. He kept asking his mother when are they heading back to their ‘home’. His mother would tell him, “If God wills, soon”. Isa would play with other children of his age. When the time for Salah would arrive, they would make their own jamat. Isa loved to pray. His mother would always advise him, “Remember, with every pain there is ease, and nobody can help you except the Almighty”.
When the situation was booming out of control, some of the people started to migrate to other countries, taking refuge there. While Isa, his family and many more reached a refugee camp, which was in Yayladagi, Turkey, they had left everything behind. Taking the name of Almighty, they kept moving. All they hoped for, was a better life for their children.
Each day thousands crossed the seas, to see the land they were heading for, many, were never found. Some of them reached the land with no news of their loved ones. Thousand were feared dead either due to overcrowding of boat being capsized, or being looted and killed by pirates.

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