‘Laggards of the Economic Development Project’ by E D Wala Chabala

The world has had the paradigm of “developed” versus “developing” countries for decades now. This paradigm, whether deliberately or inadvertently, conveys the connotation that there is an unbridgeable chasm between the two worlds. So to challenge this paradigm, the reader is invited to consider the fact that there is a set of countries that attained independence at more or less the same time as newly independent states (NISs); and that of this set of countries, some have advanced so far as to industrialise and get admitted to prestigious clubs like the OECD, while a subset retains economic conditions that appear no different from those inherited at independence. The latter subset of countries should aptly be referred to as Laggard Economies – laggards to the newly industrialised economies (NIEs), with the very clear and deliberate connotation that it is a question of choices whether countries advance or not.

The picture to build then in a reader’s mind is that of countries that are running the same race and some have advanced far into the horizon while others lag behind. The book seeks to address, from the author’s own unique life’s journey and career, the reasons for this ‘laggardness’ and contends that it is the whole world’s burden to implement solutions to address them.

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