Remembering Aleksandar Veljic: A Tribute to an Extraordinary Life and Legacy

With heavy hearts, we gather today to pay tribute to the remarkable life and enduring legacy of our beloved author, Aleksandar Veljic. Though his physical presence may be absent, his impact on our hearts, minds, and souls will forever illuminate our paths.

Born in 1971 amidst the turmoil of civil war in Belgrade, Aleksandar’s journey was marked by resilience and an unyielding dedication to knowledge and compassion. Fleeing into London during the tumult of the former Yugoslavia, he immersed himself in studying English and literature, laying the groundwork for his future pursuits.

Returning to Serbia, Aleksandar embarked on a profound exploration of the untold stories of World War II, shedding light on the forgotten atrocities of Nazi occupation in Yugoslavia. Through meticulous research and passionate advocacy, he gave voice to the silenced narratives of Serbs, Jews, Slovaks, and others who endured unspeakable horrors during that dark period.

Yet, Aleksandar’s impact transcended academia. His commitment to educating future generations was evident in his handbook on basic English grammar for Serbian students. Additionally, his founding of the Holocaust Memorial Society underscored his dedication to preserving the memory of those lost and ensuring their stories live on.

In March 2023, Aleksandar’s vision for a brighter future took tangible form by establishing the Hope of Israel Worldwide Church of God—a beacon of unity, compassion, and peace in a world marred by rising antisemitism and global conflicts.

As we mourn the loss of a remarkable scholar, researcher, humanitarian, and friend, we also celebrate his enduring legacy. His words will continue to inspire, educate, and empower generations, reminding us of the enduring values of compassion, understanding, and resilience in the face of adversity.

To honor Aleksandar’s memory, we invite you to support his revised masterpiece, Genocide Revealed, which will be available for pre-order until the end of the month. Your support ensures the preservation of his literary legacy and contributes to fulfilling his lifelong mission of promoting understanding and empathy in our world.

Thank you for standing with us as we remember and honor Aleksandar Veljic’s life and legacy. May his spirit guide us toward a future filled with compassion, unity, and hope.

With deepest gratitude,

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