Vote for Your Favorite Book Ideas

In the SOOP publishing model, authors submit their book ideas and readers vote for the ones they’d like to see published.

What do we mean by “vote?” Well, a vote for a SOOP book idea is more than a passive “Like.” It is an indication of genuine interest in the book or the author. While it is not a commitment to purchase, it expresses a willingness to consider purchasing the book when it becomes available.

So readers, please vote accordingly. And authors, please structure your pitches for votes with this in mind, so as not to mislead your potential audience.

With that out of the way, let’s get to it.

Readers: would you have voted for Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code while it was still just a concept? Toni Morrison’s Beloved? What about Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight or E. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey? Well, now’s your chance to be an early supporter of the books of the future. SOOP authors submit their book ideas here, where readers peruse them and vote to pledge their support.

Vote here and help deserving authors bring their ideas to life!

Authors: as votes pour in for your book idea, SOOP responds with support of our own. We offer a partnership that seeks to encourage, educate, and empower through a stair-step model toward 1,000 votes – and eligibility for a publishing contract. Along the way, as you reach various voting milestones and complete focused activities, you “unlock” benefits — all of which are geared toward enabling eventual publication:

  • 25 votes: self-help guide on production (how to improve the quality of your manuscript)
  • 75 votes: self-help guide on platform (how to build a fan base and become known as an expert author)
  • 150 votes: self-help guide on pitch (how to market and sell your book)
  • 200 votes: book consultation on your current areas of focus and opportunities to improve production, platform, and pitch
  • 300 votes: manuscript assessment
  • 400 votes: proposal for a dedicated book consultant
  • 500 votes: marketing consultation and platform-building plan
  • 750 votes: SOOP blog shout-out and pitch sheet
  • 1,000 votes: website within our family of sites, full manuscript review, and publishing contract offer for manuscripts scoring 70 out of 100 points on our evaluation scorecard

Here’s a more visual snapshot of our stair-step process:

SOOP Contract Checklist-New Milestones