Welcome to SOOP’s Hybrid Publishing Program

With its new Hybrid Publishing program, SOOP continues its leadership in the publishing industry. This program allows authors to work with SOOP-affiliated book coaches and receive personal service on their projects. 

What is the Hybrid publishing program?

SOOP offers authors the chance to partner with us to publish their projects. This option allows authors whose projects meet our standards to publish with us by working directly with SOOP experts. 

Our Hybrid publishing exists in a space between full self-publishing and the usual traditional publishing. We still apply our principles of author-driven publishing in this program, just in a different way. The hybrid program still lets authors take the lead on their projects.

Steps in the Hybrid Program 

Submit your manuscript (not all projects are approved for the Hybrid program; every project must be reviewed by SOOP, and SOOP must be interested in publishing the project and working with the author) 

  • Meet with the SOOP Team
  • Discuss planning and budget 
  • First Meeting with the Book Coach
  • Developmental Editing (If needed)
  • Line Editing (if needed) 
  • Final Approval
  • Production
  • Preparation for the market
  • Pre-order phase
  • Book Release 

Advantages of the Hybrid Program

  1. Personal Book Coach:

Each project in the hybrid program gets its own Book Coach. The Book Coach stays with the project all the way through from the beginning of the manuscript review through editing, production, and marketing. 

2) Personal service:

Participants in the Hybrid program enjoy personal access to SOOP staff at a priority level by working directly with their Book Coach.

3) Publish faster:

Because of the nature of the program, books move through our system quickly. Publication times can be anywhere between 9-12 months. 

But, How Much Does It Cost?

There is a cost for the hybrid program but it is dependent on project type and length. Not all projects are accepted into the program. Please contact us to learn more. 


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