SOOP Faith

Something Or Other Publishing is proud to announce the creation of the Royal Falcon Press imprint, which features the unparalleled talent of multiple writers who will bring sobering and thought-provoking stories. Wade Fransson, Eileen Maddox, Eric Mondschein, and Jay Tyson are just some of the big names that’ll be responsible for taking you on these incredible spiritual journeys.

“In a world increasingly disoriented and lacking spiritual values, it is necessary to be guided by means that can make a difference. Our company will give a home to faith-based authors who offer viable solutions through their message”

We know that spirituality is not a unique journey, each person undertakes a different path, and if there is one thing we are known for, it is to give a stage to each point of view so each person in their truth can discern. We have been concerned about having the perfect balance with Fransson, who has a solid background in Bible-based evangelism; Maddox, who specializes in investigating how traditional Hebrew prophecies point to current religious events. Mondschein is an expert in the traditions of Judaism, and Tyson has a broad and detailed knowledge of prophecy and the common threads that run through Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism, and other major world religions. Over time, many more writers will come along to our imprint, with stories and testimonies that will encourage people to join us and help us grow a strong community of spiritual readers on the internet.

It’s just the beginning of what Royal Falcon Press has to offer. Our goal remains the same; to give you the tools so that with your wisdom, you can find your place in the world.


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