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SOOP’s Services Marketplace features a variety of providers of Author Services covering the three components of our Author Driven Model – Product, Platform and Promotion.  Some of them are “Go-To” providers SOOP uses for Authors and Books under contract with SOOP, others present low-cost options or come highly recommended. SOOP receives no economic benefit from any transactions between you and them, and your decision to use or not use any of them is not a factor in any decision made by SOOP with regard to your Book Idea or progression through our program.  We make no representation and offer no warranty on any of their services. 
Whether you wish to use any of them to enhance your Product, Platform or Promotion, in pursuit of a contract with SOOP, another publisher, or just to improve your book and yourself en route to self-publishing, is entirely up to you.  Any arrangements you make with any of them are strictly between you and them, SOOP is not in any way involved or implicated in any agreements that might arise through introductions facilitated by these links.So why offer these links?  They let you to review the quality and caliber of providers we work with and/or can be a great place to start your search for providers who can help make your self-publishing dream come true, and anything in between.
We like to reference Led Zeppelin in support of our Author Driven Model.  There are indeed two paths you can go by, and with SOOP there is still plenty of time to change the road you’re on. We offer our own platform with no cost, and no obligation, to all aspiring Authors.


As you know, writing a terrific book is no easy task. Just getting to “The End” of your first draft is challenging enough, but much of the essential work necessary for success comes afterwards. It’s that post-first draft work that typically separates professional, profitable books from those which languish on virtual bookshelves or in authors’ car trunks. Production – the process of creating a finished product out of that first draft.

For a list of our Product service providers in each of the areas below, click here.

So you’ve poured your hard work and talents into your manuscript, ideally even leveraging professional editing and design help in doing so.  Congratulations! But what about your platform? Is it in the same shimmering shape as your book? Because in today’s publishing climate, it needs to be. Especially if you aim to sell it to more than just family and friends.  The definition of platform can be a bit slippery, but in short, it is the virtual stage you must build to ensure that you and your book reach your target audience.

For a list of our Platform service providers in each of the areas below, click here.

  • Website Development
  • Social Media
  • Literary Agents
  • Blog Editing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO

promotionYou’ve covered your bases in terms of production, leaving you with a polished and market-ready book. You’ve constructed your platform, giving you direct access to your target audience. So now the spotlight’s on you. Your book is ready, your audience is engaged, and it’s time to make your pitch.  You do have your marketing pitch ready, right?  Time to perfect it.

For a list of our Promotion service providers in each of the areas below, click here.

  • Book Reviews
  • Literary Agents
  • Web Presence
  • Public Relations
  • Book Trailer
  • Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Adwords

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