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Willow Rose Learns Honesty is the first in a series of unique new children’s books created by Authors Meredith Mast and Marvia Karol. Ms. Mast, the founder of Storybook Ballet, needed a different kind of story for her young students to dance. She needed s stories that don’t rely on fantasy princesses, but instead have relatable characters that would teach a set of virtues to empower children for life. In this delightful introduction to the concept we meet Willow Rose – who is lonely in her new garden. The flowers and the insects don’t want to be friends with her, fearful of her thorns. Then one day she tells a lie to a grasshopper. When she realizes that not being honest hurts, Willow Rose must learn to tell the truth no matter what. In practicing the virtue of Honesty, Willow Rose makes a friend and this, in turn, brings happiness.  Designed to be read aloud, danced to, or just enjoyed by children learning to read – the books in the Storybook Virtues series are an instant children’s classic, one endorsed by parents, grandparents, teachers and children everywhere.



”Looking for a way to gently introduce your kids to making good choices? Willow Rose might be able to help, by showing a character who can change behaviors- kids are encouraged to think how they can change for the better to.”


”This is a wonderful book for young children, both to tell them a story and to gently teach them a lesson. I am looking forward to further publications by Meredith Mast.”


”My 2 year old daughter absolutely loves this book and requests it by name! I love that she can identify how the characters are feeling by noticing the beautiful illustrations. As she gets older, I can envision this story fostering conversation, not only about the importance of honesty, but also about self concept and being your true self, even when faced with adversity.”


”It was given as a baby shower gift to my new Granddaughter whose name is Willow.😊”


”What an amazing book with wonderful lessons for adults and children alike 🙂
My children loved it and we will be buying more as gifts for friends.”

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