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There has never been a better time to elevate your wellness business. The wellness industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with now over $4.3 trillion in annual revenue and growing by over 10% every year.

The online space allows anyone to take advantage of the industry’s extraordinary growth through the opportunity to reach millions of people around the globe. However, more and more professionals enter this playing field every year making it harder to cut through the noise online to build a thriving wellness business. Holistic practitioners and wellness professionals are often highly educated in their field of expertise but lack the understanding of meeting their audience’s needs with effective marketing and sales strategies.

If you want to make a bigger impact and help more people, you need to get crystal clear on your niche and marketing language to feel fulfilled with what you share. Systemise your business so you have the freedom to focus on what you love doing and forge strong networks so you have enough reach to have fun and flow with your business. Most importantly, you need to overcome your inner roadblocks and fears in order to share your transformational value from the heart and move the hearts and minds of millions.

I have worked in the online space, building websites, marketing funnels and running intensive workshops on the subject for over seven years and I have helped dozens of therapists and coaches to triple their revenue and attract more high paying clients. On this path to running a successful coaching business, my inner journey towards personal growth has been the most difficult and most rewarding at the same time.

This is what it is all about – going on your own inner journey to find your true self and helping others through your self-made business success. The inner journey is vital, because your business will never outgrow your personal growth.

I am a wellness enthusiast myself, my approach of soft selling and authenticity works incredibly well for the wellness industry and I truly understand that the most important driver for wellness professionals is the need to make a bigger impact, help more people and move the world to sustainable wellness.

I draw on my own story and experience to focus on two key areas of wellness business success: Overcoming the fear of expressing one’s authentic self to receive what you are really worth and proven systems to find the balance between fun and flow in business.

My book focuses on helping you as a wellness business owner find your magic and gain the confidence to share it effectively, move the hearts and souls of millions and feel fulfilled with what you do.

It lays out a pathway to create the freedom to focus on what you really love doing so you can help more people and leave your dream legacy.

About the Author

Sebastian Hilbert is the Co-Founder of Wellnesspreneur and grew up in a small German village, where many people including his friends and family suffer from the ‘big 3’:​ diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

When he came to Australia he learned from alternative and holistic health professionals that this can be prevented in most cases. He believes that our current health system is broken and western medicine is reaching its limits in many areas of health and wellbeing.

However, he also knows the world is waking up to a different approach to health.

Now, with Teresa, his partner in business and life he made it his mission to help those who are doing the right thing:

Sebastian is the Co-Founder of Wellnesspreneur and leading authority in Wellness Influence Training. He helps wellness professionals and holistic practitioners to get high paying clients on AUTOPILOT so they can be in Fun & Flow with their business.

He does this by showing you how to clearly communicate your transformational value so that you can attract your ideal clients, convert your audience with simplified systems and produce massive reach to a global audience so you can grow your Influence, Impact and Income.

Sebastian is on a mission to move the world to sustainable wellness by creating 100.000 Influential Wellness Entrepreneurs that move the hearts and souls of millions and feel fulfilled with what they do.

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