The Time Manipulator’s Son

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Author: Rohini Singh



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The Time Manipulator’s Son by Rohini Singh

Powerful aliens hide on an asteroid floating above the planet Chyspah. Fearing for her child’s life, a widow breaks the laws of her people and makes contact with the leader of the planet. Her actions kick off a long series of strange occurrences and unexpected discoveries that lead three boys to solve their parents’ mysteries as they’re caught in the midst of the royal family’s fall from power. Daniel experiences bizarre episodes of time travel, while Anomar learns he was adopted—and that his real parents belong to a species of aliens with supernatural powers.

With the reluctant help of their timid friend Benardo, the boys dig deeper to find the truths hidden in their own lives. What they learn will change everything they thought they knew about themselves—and each other.

6 reviews for The Time Manipulator’s Son

  1. Rionne (verified owner)

    From the imaginative mind of debut author Rohini Singh, The Time Manipulator’s Son is a charming coming of age tale of the struggle of young Anomar Effilldar to discover his identity and to find his place in the brilliantly constructed, whimsical, world of Chyspah. Using a delightfully original blend of sci fi, fantasy and Caribbean cultural flavor, Anomar’s many adventures remind readers about the magic of childhood and the power of friendship.
    Ms. Singh’s refreshing and insightful take on familiar themes of prejudice, bullying and pre-adolescent angst, combined with plenty of hilarious moments add up to a captivating tale that will satisfy readers of all ages.

    Rionne R. Boyke
    Senior Legal Officer

  2. Azina Hosein

    After reading this novel I want to commend the author for being the first female science fiction writer from Trinidad. Her
    great sense of imagination is literally out of this world. The book was so interesting I did not want to stop until the
    end. The blend of a futuristic world with our world has such realistic feel I felt like I was inside a movie. It is
    easy to relate to the vivid colours, food and characters.

    Oh boy! This will make a wonderful movie for all ages!!!

    Azina Hosein

  3. Raj (verified owner)

    The Author of The Time Manipulator’s Son has given us a new meaning to the word “creative writing”… She has created a completely different universe that beyond the imagination… The book is very interesting with a bit of humor… If you like Science Fiction this would be a new dimension in Si-Fi…Hope there would be a movie in the near future, it would be great… Awesome…

    Production Manager
    New York

  4. naseem mohammed

    While reading this book I didn’t want to put it down, its quite the page turner. Its a colorful, delightful, and simple to read book .It had me laughing and excited to discover with the kids, the different worlds and lifestyle out there. The amazing relationship between the kids over coming life issue even in the future kids will be kids . After putting the book down I am left hungry for more.

    Naseem Mohammed
    Human Resources Management
    Queens,New York.

  5. Amanda Mayers

    What can I say about “The Time Manipulator’s Son”? Two words: “Loved it!” The author was quite descriptive and I especially admired how she paid homage to her roots and highlighted aspects of our culture in Trinidad and Tobago. This book had me “on my toes”; reading to find out what would happen next. To be honest I felt a bit sad knowing that it was the end and I felt like I was on a journey with Anomar, Benardo and Daniel. This book just goes to show how imaginative one can be and the beautiful works of art that can come from it. I can’t wait for the next one!!

  6. Nimukunda Glen

    After reading this book all i wanted was to re- read it as many times as possible, even time would create its self for me to read such an interesting book.BIG UPS TO THE AUTHOR AND PUBLISHER

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