The People of the Sign


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What do divorce, kidnapping, ancient prophecies, and the collapse of the Soviet Union have in common with the music of the Beatles? The People of the Sign effortlessly weaves these together, proving once and for all that truth really is far, far stranger than fiction.


“I found Wade Fransson’s life journey in “The People of the Sign” to be heartfelt & incredibly inspiring; it’s a journey of great pain, soul searching, & optimism. Throughout the entire book Wade’s heart shone through-his need to forgive, his decision to take the better road instead of the bitter road, & his belief in the human spirit & the God Spirit (that goes beyond any church hierarchy).

After an abusive childhood, he walks into adulthood carrying the baggage of that awful childhood. However he honestly faces his past, himself, his actions, & motivations with a raw honesty that is both courageous & at times frightening. For anyone facing similar challenges from their past, or facing any kind of spiritual crisis or questions, you may well find Wade’s journey to be inspiring. It may touch a place in your soul, as it did for me.”


“This book intrigued me and I enjoyed it very much. For me, I especially appreciated the spiritual aspect of this book and the struggle to improve and grow and overcome. Well written and encouraging.”

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