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I’m excited to be included in this inaugural anthology, SOOP’s Finest, a collection of the best stories of SOOP’s Annual Writing Contest. Anthologies from Something Or Other Publishing have been increasingly successful, garnering excellent reviews and critical acclaim. You can learn a little bit more about my specific short story below:

Every October the Carnival arrives in Rosalind’s small farming town to entice the residents. An urban legend follows in its tracks, a story about a menacing man who dwells within a tent and takes what he wants. When Roz and her two best friends, Olivia and Mason, enter the fabled big top, Roz finds out that perhaps the tale of The Collector may not be as fictional as they first thought

About the Author

Haley M. Forté is currently a student studying creative writing and English with a fiction concentration. Growing up in both Washington State and California, Haley has relied on her family to keep her busy and on her toes. She is a writer of many genres but prefers to sit within the realms of horror and science fiction. When she is not writing, she is curating her Star Wars helmet collection, playing apocalyptic video games, and learning all she can about the Cosmos.

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  1. Jessica Parrish

    Haley Forte’s description of ‘The Collector” is amazing. I enjoy anything horror related and I am so excited to read her story when SOOP’s Finest Anthology releases!

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