SOOP Book Launch Package



Author Interview

We will conduct a 10-20 question author interview that will be featured on This interview will be an excellent opportunity for you to explain to readers what makes you and your book unique. Providing readers with the chance to see your personality and to get to know you can go a long way in building your career. We’ll promote this interview on our SOOPLLC and SOOPROCKS Twitter accounts (combined reach of 120,000+).

Author Marketplace Listing

Every author needs a quick but comprehensive landing page, and a listing in SOOP’s Author Marketplace is the perfect way to create one without a hassle. We’ll provide you with a voucher for a free 1 year listing. We’ll promote this listing via SOOPAuthors (reach of 45,000)

Book Trailer

Visual content will always perform better on social media which is why it’s essential to have a book trailer! Our trailer designer is fantastic and will create an approximately 60 second video that will make readers eager to learn more. We’ll promote this via SOOPNovels (reach of 24,000)


It’s absolutely crucial to get reviews for your book when it goes live on Amazon. Reviews make or break a reader’s decision to give your book a try. Our Advanced Reader Copy Team is eager to review the latest books! We’ll get you three reviews as part of your book launch. (Author must provide physical copies of the book.) We’ll promote these reviews via @ARCPosse (29,000 reach)

Twitter Ad Campaign

Twitter ads are highly targeted in a way that Facebook ads never will be, delivering the biggest bang for your buck! We’ll do a 7 day campaign for you targeting readers with a proven interest in your genre.

Instagram Promotion

Something or Other Publishing has built a network of Instagram accounts followed by readers who have a proven interest in books they haven’t yet discovered. 

Our accounts have a combined following of over 15,000. We will do 1 post per account and 8 story features per account.

  • @Soopshorts
  • @Wepublishromance
  • @Wepublishhistoricalfiction
  • @Wepublishhorror
  • @Wepublishmemoir
  • @Wepublishfantasy
  • @Soopbookideas
  • @Wepublishscifi
  • @Wepublishyoungadult

Facebook Promotion

We’ll promote you to 500,000 on Facebook to top off your book launch.



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