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Transform your podcast with our all-in-one solution for elevating every aspect of your podcast!

SOOP’s team of dedicated professionals, including a project manager, content creator, designer, and marketer, is here to streamline your podcasting process, save you time, and enhance the quality and reach of your show.


Our Services include:

  1. Project Management:- $200/month

   – Coordinating schedules and managing deadlines

   – Overseeing episode production and ensuring timely releases

   – Communicating with team members and guests to keep everything on track

  1. Content Creation:- $100/month

   – Developing engaging scripts and episode outlines

   – Researching topics and guest backgrounds

   – Writing show notes, blog posts, and social media content

  1. Design:- $150/month

   – Creating eye-catching episode artwork and promotional graphics

   – Designing logos and branding materials

   – Enhancing video content with professional editing and visual effects

  1. Marketing:- $200/month

   – Crafting and implementing marketing strategies

   – Managing social media accounts and engagement

   – Running paid advertising campaigns and tracking analytics

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Project Management, Content Creation, Design, Marketing


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