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I am honored to have my short story, “Men of Troy: Hoi polloi,” included in 25 Servings of SOOP vol. II, an anthology collecting the works of writers worldwide. My particular story actually grew out of a writing workshop I conducted with a group of war veterans who used writing as a means of dealing with PTSD.
“Men of Troy: Hoi polloi” gives the reader a view of the Trojan War as it closes but not from the usual point of view of princes, generals, or well-known heroes. While they are present, it is not meant to be their story. Instead, this story observes events from the perspective of the fighting men, some veterans but many of them draftees.
Rather than showing the “glorious” aspects of battle–those that are depicted in paintings or sculpture, I hope readers get a taste of war as it is experienced by those who do not hope for spoils but to simply return to their lives. I hope this story approaches a small measure of what Goya achieved so well in his 19th century series of etchings, Disasters of War.

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Named in honor of Civil War Naval Commander William Barker Cushing, Bill Cushing grew up in New York but lived in various states, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico before moving to California where he now resides with his wife and their son. As an undergrad at the University of Central Florida, he was called the “blue collar” writer because of his years working as an electrician on oil tankers, naval vessels, and fishing boats after serving in the Navy.
His short stories have appeared in the Altadena Literary Review, Borfski Press, and the Newtown Literary Journal. He has also published creative non-fiction, poetry, reviews, essays, and articles in various print and internet publications. A Former Life, his poetry collection, was honored by the Kops-Featherling International Book Award.
Bill earned an MFA in writing from Goddard College in Vermont and recently retired after 23 years teaching at East Los Angeles and Mt. San Antonio colleges. Besides writing, he facilitates a writing group for 9 Bridges, a non-profit community of writers.

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